We help startups, small businesses, and individual inventors with technical writing/drawing for them to file the following patents and trademarks with their licensed attorneys/agents:

US provisional utility patent
US non-provisional utility patent
PCT International stage patent
PCT national stage US/Canada/Europe/China patent
Canada patent
Europe patent
China patent

US trademark
Canada trademark
China trademark
Europe trademark
Australia trademark

In the following areas:

✥ Software Engineering, Mobile Application, Internet, and Computer Technologies
✥ Mechanical Methods, Devices, and Industrial Processes
✥ Electronic Devices, Methods, and Electrical Engineering
✥ Energy, Environment, and Clean Technologies
✥ Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Related
✥ Business, and Society Related
✥ Other fields case-by-case, please contact

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It helps to have an advanced degree to understand an invention better and search journal articles more effectively. Our senior scientists’ broad science background is beneficial to the patent work with a broad range of domains like software, digital signal processing, mechanic, electronics, physics, pharmaceutical, food science, biotechnology, etc. industries. A patent scientist is a patent professional who is typically involved in preparing and prosecuting patent applications. The terms are usually applied to patent professionals with advanced scientific or engineering backgrounds. In general, the position involves many of the technical aspects of patent prosecution, including doing background and prior art searches, drafting the technical part of specifications and preparing reference figures for patent applications, and giving technical expertise during invention evaluation. Work of this nature may focus a great deal of research and development while including patent considerations.

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