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This newsletter provides curated information regarding free entertainment options to take advantage of during the COVID-19 pandemic. The following entertainment options were made free to the general public during the pandemic and are still available as of this newsletter.

Are you starting to feel bored at home due to the COVID-19 quarantine? The order to close non-essential businesses is still ongoing, and many are beginning to feel bored with ample time on their hands.  We understand this is a stressful time for everyone. Last newsletter, we recommended free online courses for learning more about the COVID-19 pandemic and how to develop one’s small business.  Learning is great, but you need some downtime for relaxation. In this newsletter, we list entertainment options and resources that you can take advantage of during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This list includes reading materials, streaming services, and games that previously required a paid subscription; however, they have been made FREE and are STILL AVAILABLE during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Reading Materials (click links to learn more):

  • Amazon Kindle Unlimited: Until July 1, you can enjoy unlimited access to ebooks, online magazines, and audiobooks. Moreover, you can access Kindle Unlimited with any device through the Kindle app, which you can find here.
  • Audible Stories: For children and teens, Audible is providing a free audiobook service catering to children and teens.
  • JSTOR: This digital library normally requires a paid subscription to access its journals, books, and so forth. However, 6000 of its eBooks and more than 150 journals are now available to the public for free. Much of its content relating to COVID-19 has been made accessible to the public. The expanded access will be available until June 30, 2020. You can register for their free account here.
  • Project Muse: Like JSTOR, Project Muse partners with several publishers to make reading content free on its platform.

Audio/Video Streaming (click links to learn more):

  • Amazon Prime Video: For those raising kids, Amazon is providing 40 of its children’s shows available for free streaming on Prime Video. You only need an Amazon account, which you can sign up for free here.
  • Amazon Music Unlimited: Although this is still considered a trial, Amazon Music Unlimited has extended its 30-day trial to 90 days.
  • HBO (US Only): For those in the US, HBO has made much of its content free through HBO GO and HBO Now. However, if you have a VPN (Virtual Private Network), you can access HBO programming from anywhere.
  • Kanopy: For those holding a library card (e.g. Toronto Public Library), this movie streaming service typically allows you to watch eight movies per month. Until May 31, an additional 30 movies have been made available that do not count towards your limit. Find your local library here to access Kanopy.
  • Metropolitan Opera: For those who like opera, Metropolitan Opera launched its Nightly Met Opera Streams containing complete performances for your viewing pleasure. Each performance is available for 23 hours, from 7:30 p.m. EDT until 6:30 p.m. the following day.
  • NHL Pause Binge: In light of the suspended hockey season, the National Hockey League has made a digital archive of videos free to the public, which includes classic games, documentaries, and much more.
  • NBA League Pass: For those that like basketball, the National Basketball League is providing something similar. Their free preview of the NBA League Pass provides an expansive archive of classic games and content.
  • SiriusXM: Until May 31st, get access to 300+ channels of ad-free music, exclusive talks, and much more from this digital broadcasting company.
  • USTVGO: Watch several of your favourite channels online with this free live TV website.

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Workouts (click links to learn more):

  • Gold’s Amp: Until May 31st, get access to over 600+ audio and video workouts. You just need to sign up with your full name and email address.
  • Planet Fitness: You can check their Facebook page for daily workouts at are streamed live every 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Games (click links to learn more):

  • GOG: This gaming service is giving away 27 PC Games for free during the pandemic. GOG is known for its variety of games, including older ones dating back to 1979.
  • Epic: While not exclusively made free due to COVID-19, this gaming service provides a free game every week. You can check back every week for the newest free game.

Virtual Attractions (click links to learn more):

While virtual tours have been made freely available even before COVID-19, their popularity has soared considerably since the pandemic. Therefore, they deserve a mention in this newsletter.

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