We offer Regular, Premium, and VIP PatentK membership as follows. You must be a member for at least one month and have not interrupted a membership in the past 12 months to be eligible for any cash discounts. Each member will receive a PatentK membership ID card.

Regular Membership ONLY $29.99 + HST and benefits include:

  • Free all-year-round PatentK Seminars
  • Free in-house newsletter
  • 5% Discounts on patent assistance (Invention, Innovation, Idea, etc.) services fees
  • 5% Discounts on patent and trademark services fees

Premium Membership ONLY $79.99 + HST and benefits include:

  • ALL REGULAR MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS + 5% additional discounts
  • Free on patent search services, depending on your case
  • Q&A patent and trademark consultation by email

PatentK VIP Plan $1799 + HST:

  • Free services for all patents filed during the VIP membership period (excluding official fees)!!


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Thank you for your interest in our membership!

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