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We provide the Best Patent GTA.

✩ PatentK has professional and experienced patent lawyers, agents, as well as senior scientists who deeply understand technologies and also know patent laws – a lawyer may have mastered the laws but they DO NOT know the technologies. This is why we can write BETTER and FASTER, and save you trouble and time. Best patent GTA.

✩ We are so confident in our work that your satisfaction and patent success are guaranteed (100% warranty). PatentK will continue to work on your case without additional charge until it is granted. No other lawyers will promise you this.

✩ Our prices are so competitive that they are normally only one-third or one-quarter of the market prices.

✩ All your patent information is strictly confidential with us. PatentK signs NDAs and service contracts.

Here is what our customers describing our services:

PatentK provided professional and excellent service for our patent application process. He was able to… take a basic patent document and turn it into a fully completed, detailed and, most importantly, accurate patent application. He had excellent knowledge of the subject matter, which is rare, as our technology is proprietary. This meant very little changes were required and saved time. We highly recommend them to others.

“I decided to work with PatentK for my first patent application because it has many years of professional experience in the field. My whole experience was so pleasant and smooth. All I needed to do was explaining my idea and answering their questions. Then they translated the idea into a well-written patent application. First, “If they understand your idea, you are all set.” All I needed to do was to make sure PatentK’s scientist fully understand the concept of my invention. They might come up with some very high-quality clarification questions. Once I cleared all the questions, PatentK set out to finish the drawings and descriptions in a very efficient way. Second, “The document quality is beyond my expectations.”

I have to say that I made the right decision to use PatentK instead of writing by myself though I had extensive academic writing training through my Ph.D. studies. When I was reviewing the first draft that PatentK had sent to me, I felt it was so well-considered, well-written, and with very high quality. English was so beautiful, professional, and neat. It is beyond all my expectations. Third, “The claims demonstrate PatentK’s solid many years’ professional experience in the field.” The claim portion that PatentK put up was so professional and nicely-protected through multiple angles. Although I had previously read some articles about how to protect a patent, the claims PatentK wrote were very eye-opening for me. I felt that I had found the right company to file my patents because one cannot write as good claims as PatentK does without the same extensive experience. I recommend PatentK without reservation. If your invention is important to you, look no further as PatentK is your best choice.”


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