Science-Oriented Technical Service (SOPS). We use a new groundbreaking SOPS method to help you on your journey for patents. A good patent application requires legal knowledge and experience, but a deep understanding of technology and science in technical writing is even more critical.

We have a team packed with seasoned scientists, inventors, writers, and entrepreneurs with Ph.D., PostDoctoral, and M.S. Degrees and combined 70+ years of professional experience, nearly 100 inventive patents, and 20+ years of related experience in patent and trademark writing, granting, and protection. We had filed nearly 100 patents for ourselves, various companies, and our clients before Aug. 10, 2023, and never failed a single case. Maybe the best patents/trademarks for LESS!

We can help with your technical writing for invention protection in all the major countries in the world through an independent/third-party registered patent attorney or agent. Not only can we provide maybe the best quality and fastest technical writing and/or drawing, but we also provide a 100% success rate (so far) and customer satisfaction. We will complete your request within ONE MONTH – a light speed in the industry! We are also one of the most affordable on the market!

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