Science-Oriented Patent Service (SOPS). We use a new groundbreaking SOPS method to help you on your journey for patents. A good patent application requires legal knowledge and experience, but a deep understanding of technology and science is more important. Other lawyers, patent agents, or scientists with no patent law experience will not be able to come up with the most well-protected patents.

We have a big team packed with seasoned scientists (from the University of Chicago, Boston University, Western Michigan University, University of Oklahoma, University of Toronto, etc.), inventors, entrepreneurs, licensed patent lawyers, registered patent agents, writers, and entrepreneurs, with Ph.D., PostDoctoral, Juris Doctor, M.S. Degrees, and combined 150+ years of professional experience, 200+ inventive patents, and 70+ years of experience in patent authoring, filing, and prosecution. We have filed 500+ patents for ourselves, various companies, and our clients, and never failed a single one. We have fast, dedicated online filing channels with the USPTO, CIPO, EPO, SIPO, and WIPO.

So, not only we can provide the best quality and fastest speed in patent authoring; we also provide the best services, with patent success and customer satisfaction guaranteed; To top it all off, we have the best price in the market. We charge only one-quarter or one-third or a half of what other big law firms do, so you can have your patent filed and granted for LESS!

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